Smarterials Technology GmbH wins Phase II of the SME Instrument funded by the European Commission.

We can finally announce it! Smarterials Technology got the SME Instrument Phase II from the European Commission: 1.85 M € of non-dilutive funding to start preparing for the market entry of our very first product.

The SME Instrument is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot that supports researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientist and small companies with funding opportunities and coaching programs. It is part of the Horizon2020 funding program for Research and Innovation.

Smarterials Technology has been selected among many highly innovative SMEs and will receive considerable funding starting December 2019.

About the project

Injuries caused by needlesticks and sharp instruments are one of the most common and serious risks to healthcare workers in Europe and worldwide. Infections, which can be potentially transferred, include Hepatitis B/C and HIV. Healthcare professionals protect their hands from the imminent dangers inherent in operating rooms by wearing two pairs of gloves, the so-called double-gloving. The use of double-gloving provides an extra barrier to contamination. More sophisticated systems integrate a perforation indicator, which warns in case of breach of the gloves. As a downside, these systems suffer from cumbersome donning, increased pressure on the hands and poor tactile sense, while the amount of contaminated hospital waste is piling up.

The team at Smarterials Technology has developed a technology which integrates the benefits and functionality of double-gloving into single gloves. Its Two-in-One gloves are built on an innovative microparticle layer. This layer enables the production of a multi-barrier protection system and the integration of a perforation indicator – the first ever single glove which warns the user in case of breach and potential contamination.

The Two-in-One gloves can be designed as thick as an orthopedic double-gloving system or as thin as a single glove, meeting the requirements of several applications, i.e. microsurgery, surgery and orthopedics. Additionally, the technology can be applied to cleanroom and examination gloves utilizing natural and synthetic rubbers.

Our Two-In-One solution represents an innovative glove for optimum protection by providing: 

  • Fast and easy donning of gloves compared to double-gloving systems
  • A smart perforation indicator system for better protection
  • Increased wearing comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • Less packaging compared to commercially available double-gloving solutions

All these benefits combined will enhance safety and comfort in operating rooms.

The Two-in-One glove is an innovative product easing the use of protection. It can be produced on existing production lines, which makes the technology highly scalable, economically viable and competitive. The team of highly qualified scientists and economists works on making the technology market-ready.

The funding will allow Smarterials Technology GmbH to adapt their patent-pending technology into already existing manufacturing processes, to demonstrate it in core applications, to prepare the market entry and thus making the technology the new standard in healthcare.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 880328.